Ever since the Covid 19 broke out, life hasn’t been the same for anyone. People have lost lives, loved ones, jobs and gained anxiety, depression and fear. The number of people who have jobs and homes is no less scary than the number of people who have. This pandemic has caused great loss to people, and made things harder for everyone, including various third sector community organisations.

Though the goal of these non-profit organisations is to serve people of the community in need, they hardly are being able to help them because of various obstacles that this pandemic has created. Nevertheless, some organisations are unstoppable. They are working day in and out running various campaigns in order to help the community. Amongst them 5 of the most innovative organisations responding to Covid –19 are

Covid Mutual Aid

Mutual aid isn’t about “saving” anyone; it’s about people coming together, in a spirit of solidarity, to support and look out for one another. Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK are a group of volunteers aiming to support the network of local community groups organising to support people during the coronavirus pandemic. They are not in charge of this network and have no say over what local groups do. They exist to provide resources that will help organisations flourish. They are united by a belief that social exclusion increases individual and community vulnerability. Any local community group can join them and enhance the quality of your services by working together. To know more about them visit https://covidmutualaid.org/


Code4Covid helps non-profits, charities and Covid projects find volunteers skilled in tech sectors to get their projects online. Every day, they work with their volunteer community, consisting of over 1500 talented volunteers from around the world. They have already built projects and teams for over 200 organisations including Crisis, Mencap, Covid Mutual Aid as well as assisting community groups and local charities all over the world. If you are a tech geek sitting at home, you can help them get more charities online by contributing with your skills, and charities who are having a tough time in this pandemic to reach audience can get there help to thrive online. To know more about them, visit their website, https://www.code4covid.org/

Business Response to COVID-19

People involved with business all over the world have suffered a lot in this pandemic. So, “Business response to Covid-19″ named network full of purposeful business leaders is created. Where the renowned business leaders share their insight, expertise and tricks. They also create innovative programmes which has a greater impact on smaller businesses. Those businesses who are big and kind enough to offer support during Covid-19 can join this network and guide other businesses. organisations like registered charities, small businesses, health and governmental agencies can get expert consultancy from this network.


DataKind brings high-impact organizations together with leading data scientists to use data science in the service of humanity. From one-hour events to year-long engagements, they have designed programs that enable data scientists and social changemakers to address tough humanitarian challenges together. Their work helps organizations develop evidence-based decision making, increase efficiency, and enhance their data literacy. It also introduces data scientists to the Data-for-Good movement and shows them how valuable their skills can be. So non-profit organisations can reach them and get the same access to data science resources as the big companies get from IT sectors. With the help of data science from Datakind charity organisations will surely do better. And if you are a data scientist, you can always register to use your skill for the betterment of community. To learn more https://www.datakind.org/


It is estimated that million Brits who will be furloughed under the government’s Job Retention Scheme, so this is not the time to be thinking about supporting a charity for them. That being said, there is a connection to be made between furloughed workers and charity organisations. Furlunteering does the job of connecting them. As a result, charities benefit from a few hours, days or weeks with an accountant, graphic designer, data scientist or marketer, Who is prevented from working for the employer who has furloughed them and decided to make a difference by using their skill. Furlunteering is nothing more and nothing less than a timely idea. It is not an “organisation”, “scheme” or “initiative”. Furloughed professionals can join here and make a difference. To know more about them and how they work visit https://www.furlunteer.org.uk/ This site aims to share some practical tips for companies, charities and furlunteers.