We help community start-ups in the initial stages get going. A start-up which will work for the betterment of a community lagging behind from others. A start-up which will change the fate and destination of their community.
At Digiroots we provide complete branding support for those community start-ups. Until the business clicks and company take off the ground, the start-ups require funding. Specially if a start-up is owned by someone from a deprived community, it’s hard to get funding. While others may have personal savings, friends and family, special investors or banks for funding, someone from aforementioned community has none of these.
But they will have our funding to create the brand and website for their start-up. We even provide more fund if needed to get the start-up going. As a result, your start-up will grow faster beyond your imagination and expectation.

Who can apply?

People from different communities where they don’t have all the advantages, anyone from deprived communities such as