Every once in a while, we come across websites with such good contents that it gets our interest right away. Content is the most powerful medium through which a non-profit can connect to its audience. By articulating your story in simple words, a good content can get more people and make them stay on the website. And that is why content marketing is now a core part of almost any well-known brand’s marketing strategy.

Yet we often see this approach being overlooked by non-profit organisations. They are mostly unaware or have this feeling that a lot of stigmas are attached to doing any sort of marketing for the website. So, they don’t do it at all, let alone focusing on good content.

However, this shouldn’t be the case. Great content creates your own practical image for the audience. It conveys your messages and goals to your target audience, which would result in more engagement with your charity and cause. If used correctly, it often changes the public perception of your non-profit, which goes ultimately goes a long way.
Now that we know how important good content is for a non-profit’s website as well, let’s check out the things you should keep in mind to make the perfect content for your charity organisation.

Create Original Content

You can either put in the time and work required to create great content or take the easy path and copy it from some other’s website – a path that ultimately will get you nowhere. It will only result in a waste of time, since no one will be understanding your works, mission or even purpose. Because someone else’s content can’t be your words.

Good content can make thousands of people get involved, a bad content can make them go away. Might it not even reach to those thousands of people due to the new digital algorithms, Where original contents are showed to more people and websites containing copied content are moved to the bottom. So, without having original content, your reach to more people becomes zero.

Unique and Specific Value Proposition

Your website should answer the why and how of your charity, explaining how your services and process provide value to the community. Your value proposition should address your mission, vision, purpose and goals. And it should be unique from other non-profits in the country so that you can differentiate your goals and impacts from other organisations.

Keeping this in mind you should write the contents in such a way that your unique value proposition looks prominent on your website and weaved throughout your content. Making sure that your content is targeted and relevant to the people you want to reach is critical to the success of your site.

Follow the “inverted pyramid” model

People on the web have short attention spans and they make the call whether your site has the information they need or not within seconds. So, structuring your content like an upside-down pyramid or cone helps a lot here. In this way, the most important messages go at the top and gradually you can drill down to the more specific sub sections and information.

When someone gets the necessary informations at the very top while surfing through the website, they get the idea that this website has a lot more to share and they look for more. So, putting all your contents on the website according to the inverted pyramid is immensely crucial.

Make text scannable yet heartwarming

Once you are done with putting the most important information up top, you have to make your sure texts are easy to scan through. Most web readers scan the page to find the specific information they are looking for. If they don’t find it easily, the move on to the next.

Now what can stop them from doing so is when you tell the stories of your non-profit in a way it touches their heart. Guess who’s heartless enough to scan through a heartfelt story. So, because of that story your website will be read. And if they can connect emotionally, they will be willing to work with you with more enthusiasm than anyone else.

Articulate more with less words

Now to attract people emotionally, don’t go writing stories all over the website and as much as you want. You have to articulate more with less words. Because the new algorithm supports articles which are meaningful with less words. The SEO score of your website and content depends on the words you choose and how long or short the texts are.

If you can write your story, or whatever it is that you want to write with even 2 lines, and it is meaningful to your audience, Let it be. Don’t make it big with extra words and needless to say, it’s unnecessary to put on fancy words.

Auditing Website Contents

Since you are reading this article, you obviously have a website for your charity, which the contents are not to the best level, and is failing to reach your audience. If that’s the case, what you should do first of all is determine what contents you already have and where you see problems that need to be fixed.

What contents to be re-written? Figure out which contents are performing well and might not need change? Distinguish between which contents should stay, which needs to be reworded and what needs to go. By doing so you will get a clear idea of how much new content you need create and where to put them.

Audience Based Content

First of all, before writing a content you should always keep in mind that, contents should always be about what your audience wants to know, wants to read and might be looking for. Never priorities what you want to say, that comes later. Specially for non-profits websites, audience can only engage once they can connect to the cause through the contents. By determining your key audiences’ personas, you can create personalized content that is targeted and relevant to their interests or might interest them.

Your content is meant to answer their questions, educate them on the social topics, and address their plain points. Remember that you have more than one audience, and your website should have content that caters to each one. In addition to prospects, you should create website content that is geared towards other organisations and brands, keeping in mind whether if they want to sponsor or donate.

Write a Convincing and Credible Web Copy

Always put in the time and effort so your texts inform, educates and guides your audiences about your goals and causes. Share content about your past work and your upcoming work, this will earn credibility. By sharing interesting and relevant information which will be of value to your audiences, you can convince them to read more. Adding statistics, research and quotes works like magic while convincing someone through your writing. If your writing is credible and convincing, your content will undoubtedly work as a magnet to attract people.

We have all received a fundraising appeal on non-profits website that went right to our heart with its direct language, touching stories, and a call to action we could not resist. Now with our guidelines and tips you can draw on to make the best contents for the people who support you.