The Future Founders
Digital Accelerator Programme

Project Overview

The Future Founders Digital Accelerator is a unique programme designed to take your business further. We’re digital-focused and designed to support startups with branding, digital and marketing opportunities.

Accelerators are a vital part of the UK’s early-stage company ecosystem. Being part of a strong network of peers and experts can launch your organisation or brand.
Our accelerator programme focuses on business startups’ branding and digital realm in areas where others fail.

What is a digital accelerator programme?

Our programme is one of its kind focusing only on branding, marketing and the digital side of the startups. We will support you in building you’re branding, website, social media and marketing strategy from the ground up.

Working with social impact startups

We have designed a programme for startups with a social benefit for society.
You can be a business or a non-profit if your activities benefit others thesis the digital accelerator programme for you.

The programme

The programme is for one year the flagship enterprise project from Digiroots CIC, and is funded by the Westfield Shopping centre.
The programme is in 3 parts.

1. The intensive incubator

This is where your startup’s exploration and growth plan is. First, we start building your branding and then move on to your website and digital presence.

This intensive stage would last for three months and include 2-3 face to face meetings, workshops and seminars.

2. Launch…getting along with your business

You will be equipped with tools to run your startup at this stage, including a marketing strategy to guide you in your journey.
You will also be required to attend monthly seminars, webinars and workshops, which will further develop your newly learnt skills and help develop your startup further.

3. Mentorship and coaching

Each startup will be assigned a coach who will guide you until you reach the end of the programme.

Who can apply?

Any startup that is based in Newham, Tower Hamlets or Hackney. Who are from a BAME background or predominantly delivering services to BAME individuals.

How much does the programme cost?

The programme is free and funded by the Westfield Shopping centre.