Grants + Awards

Grants and awards provide the boost that a charity organisation needs while going through tough times. At digiroots we help non-profit, charity organisations and community groups with grants and funds as well as digital services. With our funds, you will be bale to get your website, marketing and design done. On the other hand, we also award organisations putting on extraordinary efforts and working with social issues. From time to time, we arrange different awards for them throughout the year.
These awards will especially boost your morals and help you in your specific fields. We don’t provide any specific awards but your award will be in the field you are in need. Which will help in boosting your services for the people.

Covid-19 Graphic Design Award

Though during this pandemic people have been scared and staying home, some unsung heroes have sacrificed this privilege to work for the community by running various campaigns risking their lives. They are providing support through food bank, instant support, creating crowd funding, awareness etc.

Branding and Website Startup Fund

We want to help community start-ups. A start-up which will work for the betterment of a community lagging behind from others. A start-up which will change the fate and destination of their community. If you are from any of the following community, we want to help your start-up by funding as much as we can so you can help your community.