In this day and era where mega corporations and big conglomerates use branding as one of the most important weapons in their arsenal to influence their customers and audience, we often see this approach overlooked by the non-profit organizations. There’s also a sense of stigma present in that sector regarding the concept of “branding” and one can sort of understand the reason why. For a long time, branding is considered as an important part of the marketing strategy used by the big brands as a whole and its inseparable connections to these big commercial brands and entities are somewhat responsible for this misconception. So, non-profit organizations often try to distance themselves from using branding to their cause.

However, this shouldn’t be the case. A brand is a distinct identity. It helps you to create your own image to your audience. It also helps you to grow your own audience and therefore increasing your chances to be successful. It conveys your messages and your goals to your target audience which would result in more engagement with your brand and cause. If used correctly, it often changes the public perception of your brand which goes ultimately goes a long way. Sometimes a compelling brand might be the piece of the puzzle which turns people to a loyal advocate for you and your cause whichever that might be. This is why all big commercial entities have their own distinctive brand to connect with their own audience. It makes people to trust these brands even more. The same role brand plays for charity also.

There’s this notion often associated with charity that as charity is created for a humanitarian cause, so things like branding or marketing campaign might actually undermine the actual cause. As branding is usually a tool used for commercial success, people might think for non-profit charity foundations that they are irrelevant and they might jeopardize the importance of the cause by commercializing it. But this is clearly a misconception and there is very little truth to it. On the contrary, branding your charity would help your cause a great deal. Because branding helps you to define your charity and its identity. It ensures that your message gets to be heard by your supporters and also other interested people. It helps you to connect with your audience, donors and supporters more easily and as we know charities can benefit a lot from their relationship with their supporters. Because when it comes to keeping your cause alive and standing out, the most important thing is the right connections a charity has with its loyal audience. It gives you a certain control over how people see your organization. You can tailor your message according to your target audience.

Another big misconception is that an active marketing strategy for a charity organization might not add anything of value to the overall reputation. Also, there’s this risk of excessive marketing actually dehumanizing the cause which might turn people away. But, in reality that is not the case to be honest. All the big charity foundations have a great marketing strategy with their branding and they are actually benefitted a great deal because of this. Because, it extends your reach and that helps your message to be able to reach as many people as possible. That results in two clear benefits, one is it obviously helps you with the donations as many people join the cause and the other is it helps to create a social awareness about the cause and which ultimately even results in social reforms as well as some real fundamental changes. So, more and more charity organizations are moving in towards adapting better and better branding and marketing campaign. As branding curates every aspect of your charity’s presence in online and offline platforms so a great branding campaign helps your message resonates with people of all spheres of life and ultimately helping the cause.

Now If We Are To Look At How A Great Effective Branding Will Help Your Charity Grow And Reach People Beyond Your Expectations? The Following Factors Are Mandatory To Keep In Mind:

1. Raising Sufficient Funding

Among us, people who have worked for any charity organization, or has been part of any, or has the minimum idea about how a non-profit charity organization works, know that if one of the main pillars of a successful charity is active manpower, then inevitably the other is money. Now that money comes from funding, and funding generates more when the charity has a proper eye-catching branding. This is where, in terms of raising funds, branding comes in. Because only and if only a charity organization has proper branding to clear out what their aims and missions are to people, they are going to get donations.

2. Differentiating Your Charity from Others

These days we see a lot of charities serving the same purpose. Hence people often get confused which one is serving the purpose properly. Even though there are many charity organizations who have no specific goals or aims for the betterment of people, they just do all sorts of charity programs to raise even more money forgetting the root meaning of charity? So, when your charity has a proper branding, describing all the works that you do and how yours is different from the others and why. people will get the idea about transparency and will be fascinated to learn about these. Which will lead them to be more interested in knowing exhaustively about the charity and getting involved.

3. Growing Trust Amongst the Audience

A famous Latin writer Publilus Syrus’s quote “A good reputation is more valuable than money” is more than accurate in the case of a charity organization. A good or bad reputation basically controls how a charity is going to perform. Because people’s interest, fund-raising everything depends on this. most importantly what depends on this is people’s trust. There are not plenty of people who are willing to donate to any non-profit organization, consequently when it comes to an organization with bad reputations, the chances of getting donations or people’s interest are next to zero. Branding can help here phenomenally. If the charity brand is well maintained and well known by people, they are going to have reliance on the charity and the people who are working with it.

Since Why “Branding For A Non-Profit Organization Important” Is Understandable, Now It’s Time To Understand And Work Out How You Should Go About Developing An Effective Charity Brand. In Order To Do So, The Things That Should Be Taken Into Consideration Are:

1. Knowing and Understanding Your Audience

To get an extraordinary start for any non-profit Corporation, some research and analysis is highly needed to figure out who are going to be your key audience and what mostly matters to them. Having a clear idea about that will help you trim your branding strategy accordingly and do the branding in such way so your charity can captivate the targeted audience.

2. Building Up a Brand Strategy

Customarily people don’t even consider donating to a charity if their branding strategy is not up to the mark. A brand strategy has to be the keystone of any effective charity brand since it exhibits distinctly how the brand is going to support the charity and with what. A brand strategy will help with the overall strategic aims and ambitions of your charity.

3. Sharing Your Brand Story

On top of everything, that great story holds the place in people’s heart. And when it comes to donating to a charity, this is no brainer. This is purely an act of heart. If your charity has a heart-winning story behind why it started, that should have the limelight while branding. As much as people can connect to the story on a personal level, the more willing they will be willing to donate and work for the charity.

4. Smart Marketing Approach

Just like branding, smart marketing approach is also not only valid for commercial private enterprises who are mostly profit-oriented. A proficient marketing approach can take your non-profit charity organization way ahead of others. There are many charities who are honest at heart and they have a great branding and manpower. Despite this, having the absence of acute marketing approach, they fall behind compared to other charity organizations in terms of reaching the targeted audience. If people don’t even know about your charity in the first place, there’s no point in having all the other qualities.

5. Clear Vision and Brand Values

A brand is not a brand without vision.
This saying is rather more suitable for charity and charity branding than usual materialistic companies. For charity branding, this is particularly important because your vision and values are the things which will initiate the initial emotional connection with your audience. There are researches which show that how good or great a charity organization is going to do is dictated by how well people can relate to your visions. People will donate once they deduce that you have the same values as them.

6. Persistent Messages and Distinctive identity

In terms of branding a charity, logos and pictures are usually the things most people think of. But it’s just a part of a big cake, if the whole cake is total branding. Now, if you are a smart baker, you should know underlying messages of your organization have to be just as appealing and memorable. From being consistent about the logos and pictures you will share in every medium to how you will go about staying consistent about your messages and visions, everything will count and make your charity more trustworthy. Because people trust things that stay consistent over time and places.

All being said, branding your own charity might seem easy while reading an article, or while looking at someone else’s. But it often gets very baffling for people and they can’t seem to do a proper branding for their charity. And this is where “Digirootscic” comes in.

Digirootscic Digital fluency for grassroots

We’re here to help grassroots and non-profits become digital to better communicate and connect with the world. We want to bridge the gap for non-profits who have less resources available to them and put them on a digital level playing field. Digiroots was created in midst on the global pandemic when our founder Emran Hoque realized the digital and marketing disparity between a grassroot non-profits and larger organization. We currently have a team of seven who are dedicated to bringing digital fluency to non-profits. We ourselves will be acting as a non-profit organization by helping other charity organizations with their charity branding. Our foremost goal is to create a level playing field for charity organizations, so that with our help they can get to their target audience and engage with more and more people. Because the more people’s attention a charity will engross through our help, the more accomplished we will feel as an organization.

How Digirootscic is going to help your charity?

We will do all kinds of branding for your charity organization.
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Now that you know about digiroots, you don’t really have much to worry about the branding of your charity. You can leave that to us and do the offline works pouring your heart, because all the digital services needed for your non-profit organization will be covered by us, with our soul.