5 Innovative Organisations responding to Covid-19

Ever since the Covid 19 broke out, life hasn’t been the same for anyone. People has lost lives, loved ones, jobs and gained anxiety, depression and fear. The number of people lost their jobs and home is no less scary than the number of people died. This pandemic has caused a great loss to people, and made ...

Importance of charity branding

In this day and era where mega corporations and big conglomerates use branding as one of the most important weapons in their arsenal to influence their customers and audience, we often see this approach overlooked by the non-profit organizations. There's also a sense of stigma present in that sector regarding ...

Create the perfect content for your charity

Every once in a while, we come across websites with such good contents that it gets our interest right away. Content is the most powerful medium through which a non-profit can connect to its audience. By articulating your story in simple words, a good content can get more people and make them stay on the website.

5 ways to upgrade your social media presence

As a grassroot trying to excel in a digital world, having a social media presence will help you grow your audience base. If we look around, everything and everyone has a social media identity, and they spend a whole lot of time on the internet. for instance, right now as I am writing this article and when you will be reading this ...
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