Anyone who has a non-profit organization or works for one, can be our member. As a member of Digiroots you will be allowed to the benefits which we offer to members only. You will get the extra support and training to excel in your field. As a member you won’t have much to do but you will get a lot to receive. First off, let’s go over the things that you will be receiving as a member of Digirootscic .

Constant support

Our member organizations are always under our constant support. From the inception to completion of a project, we will be supporting both digitally and practically.

Free Training

We have a large number of courses available at Digiroots to make people self-sufficient. The courses are designed in such a way that people get the best results within a short period of time. As a member, you get to enroll in many of our courses for free. The free training that you get helps you make a better career and thrive.

Funding and Grants

Our member organizations get funding and grants from time to time, depending on the need. As a member of Digiroots, you will not have to look elsewhere for funding.

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