About Us

Digiroots helps non-profits, social enterprises and individuals grow in digital.

We help connect digitally to the world in a better way. As well as providing digital solutions, we give advice and training.

To provide creative digital solutions and nature, develop and strengthen digital processes for non-profit, social enterprises and individuals.


Digitally connecting non-profits, social enterprises and individuals to the world.

About our company

Digiroots was created to bring an end to the digital and marketing disparity between grassroots non-profits and larger organisations. In order to accomplish that goal, here at Digiroot we want to make sure that all grassroots and non-profit organisations are getting an equal field from a digital perspective.

We help organisations thrive digitally through human-focused design, bespoke branding, graphics, and websites. Unlike mega corporations and big conglomerates, the grassroots and non-profit organisations don’t usually have a great budget for branding and social promotions.

Hence, they lack behind and can’t reach their target audience as much as they should. We extend our helping hand here, so the charities extend their helping hands to more people.
In this day and age, the digital world is getting equivalent to the real world, digital services are now more necessary than ever. This is where Digiroots comes in. We will help you with your branding and essential promotional strategy.

Working in close partnership with your organisation, we help you challenge assumptions, quickly validate ideas and create Digital Products that last. We create engaging, creative, strategic solutions to tackle the most complex challenges for non-profits. Besides all these, we do support charity organisations with grants and funds. Charities with greater goals who are not being able to have a greater impact on society, we help them.

So that lack of budget never gets in their way of doing good for society and people.

Our values




About us

We help non-profits, social enterprises, and individuals connect digitally to the world in a better way. As well as providing digital solutions, we give advice and training.
We connect our members with the best training, free resources and digital solutions to make digital easier.
We provide creative solutions, training, a membership network, events, grants and more.
We aim to give small grassroots, social enterprises and individuals the resources and tools needed to succeed in the digital world.

Where we started…

Emran Hoque set up Digiroots in 2021 as a response to the issues created by the Covid-19 pandemic. Emran Hoque felt that was a real disparity between the digital thriving and those who are digitally deprived, encouraging equalities between communities in the UK.
Making it a mission to change this, Emran Hoque started ensembling like-minded individuals and forged partnerships with organisations with similar objectives to deliver the best digital solutions, training, recourses and events.

Whom we work with


Any non-profits such as community groups, charities, organisations, non-profit companies,

Social Enterprises

Any business or organisation that is changing the world for the better.


Any individual who wants to develop their skills to benefit the broader community, including young people.

Areas we work in

The team

Emran Hoque

Founder, Director

Mahboob Hussain

Training Lead

Rosy Awal

Business Development Manager

Board of trustees

Suzanne Wolfe

Board Member

Akik Miah

Board Member